Statement from the CEO

How Oriflame creates value

The Oriflame business
Value created 2018
Financial capital
Oriflame’s business model delivers financial value
Social and relationship capital
Oriflame enables people to change their lives for the better
Human capital
Oriflame builds a diverse and safe workforce
Manufactured capital
Oriflame creates products that bring beauty and wellbeing
Intellectual capital
Oriflame develops new products and builds a strong brand
Natural capital
Oriflame’s improved environmental footprint

Beauty and wellness offering
Business opportunity
Corporate culture, brand and values
Flexible and asset-light business

Key figures

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2018 Markets


Oriflame is committed to its long-term financial targets and will continue to deliver on its growth strategy. The company will focus on further penetration of the markets in which it currently operates, with emphasis on its six strategic markets: Mexico, Russia, Turkey, India, China and Indonesia. Over time, Oriflame will also expand into new geographical markets, primarily through organic expansion. Furthermore, the company will continue to drive its price/mix, efficiency measures and sales leverage across its business to reach its long-term financial target of an operating margin of 15%.

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Sustainability strategy

The share

7 reasons to invest in Oriflame

1.Sustainability is an inseparable part of Oriflame’s way of doing business
2.Business model well suited to modern social networking
3.Balanced geographical footprint with growth potential
4.Strong growth orientation with a clear strategic direction
5.Focus on continued margin expansion
6.Asset-light company structure, strong cash flow generation and dividend
7.50-year track record, strong corporate culture and long-term ownership

”I knew from the start that with Oriflame’s success plan, I can earn money and build a brighter future.”

Rengthangouii Sailo
Director, India

Why did you join Oriflame?

“We were dreaming about a European lifestyle, a good income and the opportunity to travel.”

Olga and Victor Kukushovy
Executive Directors, Russia